No, this was not the kind of hangover you get after a long, hard night of drinking.  It felt similar though, minus the headache.

The Sunday after my first two sub explorations, I woke up feeling downright awful.  I felt queasy and the way my heart was pumping in my chest I knew I was dehydrated.  I needed a good breakfast and I needed to drink water…lots of water.  Truthfully, I had not had a decent meal since lunch on Friday.  I had attempted to eat, but every time I tried I just got nauseous.  I had made some scrambled eggs on Saturday morning, but after one bite I could not stand to look at it and let the dog help himself.  It was not until Sunday morning that it occurred to me that I had barely drank anything either.  I had to remember to take care of myself, but with the heavy emotions I was experiencing my stomach was in knots.

I did not know who that girl in the mirror was, but she was sure as hell not the girl I remembered.  I remember my very first thoughts upon waking up.  Wow, way to go.  You thought that chatting and experimenting in D/s virtually would quench the thirst and make things better.  Now there are two men in your life and you are still waking up alone.  Great job, Ana, great job.

Although my thoughts were driving me mad, breakfast was a top priority even if my appetite was nonexistent.  My plan was to spend the day keeping the couch company and getting myself rehydrated.  Finally about midafternoon it dawned on me that this sick feeling I had was just like having a hangover.  I did not have a headache, but all the other symptoms were there.  Sigh.  I could handle a hangover.  First order of business?  Chinese food.  Yes, that was exactly what I needed.  My  nausea subsided enough for me to choke down a helping of beef and broccoli and after a few glasses of water my demeanor began to improve.

Later that night Sir logged on.  I was not about to ignore him, but I really was in no mood to get on my webcam and perform.  I just wanted to wallow in my misery or go to bed.  The pushy scoundrel he is, he insisted on just seeing my face.  His reason?  I want to see you at your best and worst.  I was exasperated but as tired as I was I still complied.  Looking back now, for not pledging my submission yet I was more accommodating than I probably should have been.  I guess I am defenseless against his charm…and when I say charm, perhaps dominance is a better word.

One thought on “Hungover

  1. Thanks for this. It prompted some thoughts on my own Blog.

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